I’ve always loved playing with virtualization. In my paid job, I deal with VMware, so it is what I have always been familiar with. On desktops, I’ve played with VMware Workstation of course, but my go-to is Virtualbox. It’s open source, free, and works great for everything I need to do. First off, what is… Read More »


I wrote sometime back about Owncloud and how it allows people like you and me to build your own cloud server that works much like Dropbox. Enter Nextcloud. Nextcloud is a fork of OwnCloud. I won’t go into all of the reasons here, but for a good start to learn about why it happened, read… Read More »

Sophos XG Firewall

Way back, almost 4 years ago, I wrote the initial post on my home network. I was using Sophos UTM to protect my network. It was a free product for home use, so it wouldn’t let you customize it with your own logo and things like that. Its only functional limitation was that it would… Read More »

My Own Cloud

Storage, and lots of it, is more and more a necessity in this electronic age. My first PC was an IBM XT with a 10 MB internal hard disk. Yes, 10 MB. At first I thought I would never fill it up, but I eventually did. I was jealous of my dad’s IBM XT clone… Read More »

Tired of NSLookup? Use Dig!

The nslookup utility has been around for a long, long time in Windows. It was handy to do simple lookups and see if a DNS entry was a CNAME or A record. You can also check on the MX records for a domain. Really it can do just about any lookups you want to do,… Read More »

XP End of Life

It’s been a long time coming, and it’s finally here. Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP. That means no more patches, which means that any new vulnerabilities discovered by hackers will not be fixed, leaving those of you who still use it, vulnerable. Microsoft is pushing people to upgrade to Windows 8.1. I have… Read More »


The purpose of this blog is for me to document some things I’ve done with technology, whether at work or at home, for pay or for fun. You can think of it as an extension of my resume. You can think of it as a how-to site. You’ll find material for that, and probably more… Read More »