By | July 17, 2018

I wrote sometime back about Owncloud and how it allows people like you and me to build your own cloud server that works much like Dropbox. Enter Nextcloud. Nextcloud is a fork of OwnCloud. I won’t go into all of the reasons here, but for a good start to learn about why it happened, read here.

After doing my own research and taking a look at where both OwnCloud and Nextcloud were heading as companies, I made the switch to Nextcloud. Nextcloud had, by default, all of the main features of OwnCloud, and has been rapidly adding features ever since. The app store for Nextcloud also has much to offer, including the Nextcloud Talk app, which allows you to build your own private video & text chat platform.

My personal Nextcloud server includes LDAP authentication which is easily configurable right in the admin GUI, calendaring, contacts, a password safe, and a music player. There are many more apps that you can install to suite your own tastes.

The best part about all this? I control all my data. Dropbox doesn’t have any, Google doesn’t have any, I own it all. If you want to liberate yourself from the clutches of the big cloud providers, take a look at Nextcloud!

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